Entre Parenthèses is an elegant and bold brand with a unique and unusual concept that breaks with the usual codes and conventions.

Much more than a brand, it has a strong symbolism, evocative of contemporary values such as sharing, emotion and hedonism. Entre Parenthèses represents an invitation to take time out, away from a world that has become increasingly fast-paced and demanding.

Presented in high-end, modern packaging – a premium heavy bottle with engraved punt, an original label with minimalist lines allowing for interpretation - Entre Parenthèses has a surprising non-conformist character that breaks with the traditional Bordeaux appellation codes.

More than a concept, it is also an extremely high-quality wine. The result of a rigorous selection of plots boasting the finest clay-limestone soils of the Bordeaux wine region and a blend of Merlot (80%), Cabernet Franc (13%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (7%), Entre Parenthèses benefits from winemaking techniques commonly used for fine wines: the grapes undergo a direct pressing as soon as they arrive in the winery, fermentation is carried out at a low temperature, ageing on the fine lees with regular bâtonnages (stirring of the lees). Entre Parenthèses is therefore full of flavour with a lovely balance between smoothness, aromatic intensity and a pleasant freshness, perfect for relaxed drinking occasions.

Entre Parenthèses is an invitation to discover a wine with crisp fruit aromas, to take a break and just enjoy a moment of drinking pleasure.

Entre Parenthèses