Maison Le Star

Deeply rooted in the vineyards…

With its roots in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, Maison Le Star counts 6 Châteaux and almost 600 hectares of vines making it one of the Bordeaux wine industry’s key players.

Maison Le Star uses traditional winegrowing and winemaking methods combined with a modern approach. It benefits from a unique expertise in the production and commercialisation of easy to drink and highly enjoyable wines in France and worldwide.

Our Châteaux represent the diversity and variety of Bordeaux's terroirs, between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. The plateaus and hillsides are composed of clay and limestone soils which lend the wines their distinctive characters. Whether suppleor powerful, fruity or tannic, the wines are always authentic.

‘We are proud of our team of 85 professional, a mix of all generations and different nationalities. All of the men and women who make up this team are passionate about wine and share the same objective: sharing with a wide consumer base, composed of wine experts and amateurs alike, the pleasures and diversity of French wines and making them accessible through affordable prices and easy to drink styles.’

Guillaume Brochard,
General Manager Maison Le Star

… on an international scale

As part of its international approach, Maison Le Star offers a quality and easily reachable service to wine consumers throughout the whole world.

This international strategy took shape with the openings of a large and innovative showroom in Shanghai and a sales office in the USA.


Maison Le Star, a specialist merchant for the wines of Bordeaux, combines several areas of expertise :  

Selecting Châteaux

The different wines sourced from our long-established partners reflect the unique character of their terroirs. The utmost care and attention, from the vineyards through to the bottling process, enables us to produce high quality wines that are frequently awarded medals at international competitions.

Creating brands

Experts in selecting and blending wines, Maison Le Star's oenologists strive to produce wines of constant quality that will satisfy even the most demanding of consumers.

Pioneering trends

In line with market trends and evolving consumer needs, Maison Le Star is diversifying its range to include increasingly innovative products, such as wine to be served on ice, combined with bold, eye-catching packaging designs.

Retailer brands

Thanks to its reputed expertise, efficient organization and certified, state-of-the-art facilities, Maison Le Star has grown to become a trusted partner to major retail outlets in France and in Europe who entrust them with the development of their own brands.

Distributing world wines

In order to offer the most extensive range possible, Maison Le Star selects, imports and distributes wines from around the world, some for which it has exclusive rights of sale in France.

Private brands

Thanks to its high performance infrastructure and desire to exceed its clients’ expectations, Maison Le Star is also specialized in the development of private brands.

‘Here in Sainte-Foy La Grande, we are at the crossroads between three major wine regions: Bordeaux, Bergerac and Duras. Our proximity to the production area and the long-standing, trustworthy relationships that we have built with our partner vineyards have enabled us to expand our activity to cover all Bordeaux and the South-West appellations.’



They enable us to respond efficiently to our client’s expectations.

One large storage facility :

- 20,000 hl of stainless steel vats
- 8 000 m2 of warehouses

One ultra-modern bottling line :

- 800 m2 of air-conditioned premises
- 6 200 bottles per hour
- Bottling capacity for 10 million bottles per year

One integrated analysis laboratory

"Our vision of modernity is expressed through the guarantee of quality and safety we give our customers and consumers, and through managing our impact on the environment. For several years, Maison Le Star has been demonstrating its eco-responsible approach through the implementation of various initiatives."

Maison Le Star is ISO 14001 certified as a member of the first association for the Environmental Management System for Bordeaux wine. We are therefore positioned as a reliable partner within the wine industry.

We also have IFS Food (International Featured Standard) certification. This certification guarantees our control of food safety in order to:

- Provide the consumer with healthy products.

- Guarantee food safety to the distributor.

- Meet the requirements of hygiene regulations.

- Ensure complete traceability in order to combat fraud.

Maison Le Star is also certified to bottle and distribute organic wines (AB Certification).

In 2020, our company also passed the SMETA audit (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), proving our social, security and environmental engagement on an international scale and permitting us to be listed as a 100% ethical supplier